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We certainly seem to be flying through November!  Suddenly the weather here has gotten chilly.  It always seems to happen overnight.  An afternoon in the 80’s melts into a freeze warning before you know it.  It’s been cool and rainy here for a few days which inspired me to make this years first cup of hot chocolate.  It was actually comforting and delicious even if it’s a sure sign that Winter Is Coming.



Have you ever read a book that just made you crave a certain food or drink?  Did that book set in Italy make you seriously need a huge plate of pasta?  Did a character indulge in a decadent slice of chocolate cake and now you need a piece ASAP? Maybe the book you’re reading would pair well with a glass of red or a frosty pint. Well, welcome to Book Cravings!  Designed to be a fun way to share all your bookish food pairings, cravings and inspirations, we’ll link up each Friday to chat about our reading and snacking life.  Because books should always come with snacks.


The falling temperatures are what inspired this weeks post about book cravings.  I read Liar’s Key in August of 2016 but it is perfect for this link-up.  While it wasn’t necessarily my favorite book, it certainly left me hungry!  I read this over the summer but it truly made me long for a New England winter.  This novel was very descriptive in the setting and in the middle of summer all I wanted to do was curl up in front of a fireplace in a chunky sweater.  Clam chowder people.  This book was FULL of characters noshing on all types of yummy things but the clam chowder made so many appearances and it made me desperate for a warm, thick cup of soup.

Liar’s Key is a mystery novel and if you’re a fan of Carla Neggers you will love it.  I enjoyed the writing style very much even though the story, for me, was just so-so.  It was number six in her Sharpe and Donovan series and since I have not read any of the previous installments, I think that’s why I didn’t love it as much as I could have.  Picking up a novel mid-series can certainly leave you at a disadvantage and I believe that to be the case here.  But as far as the book cravings go – this was top notch.

Hope you have a wonderful and book filled weekend!



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