Friday Things and Book Cravings Link-Up 2

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Another week has come and gone too quickly!  I’ve spent a lot of the week getting future blog posts written and scheduled.  The Editorial Calendar plugin has really helped and I’m so glad I decided to get myself more organized.

I’ve been doing more Christmas shopping (yeah me)  but there is still so much to do.  I have about a month left to finish up as I usually like to be done shopping and ready to move on to wrapping by mid December.  I used to be a huge Black Friday shopper but not so much in recent years.  I just don’t find the sales to be as enticing  as they were years ago when I was one of the shoppers who braved the 5am openings.  Now, I’m an online girl for the most part.

Now for this week’s link up!

Have you ever read a book that just made you crave a certain food or drink?  Did that book set in Italy make you seriously need a huge plate of pasta?  Did a character indulge in a decadent slice of chocolate cake and now you need a piece ASAP? Maybe the book you’re reading would pair well with a glass of red or a frosty pint. Well, welcome to Book Cravings!  Designed to be a fun way to share all your bookish food pairings, cravings and inspirations we’ll link up each Friday to chat about our reading and snacking life.  Because books should always come with snacks.

This week I’ve got a little throw back to summer.  I read The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street way back in 2014.  It’s a book I still recommend for a fun read.  I really loved it!  It’s about a little girl named Malka from Russia who comes to America with her family.  They quickly find that being in a new country is not all they hoped it would be.  Malka (who becomes Lillian) suffers a crippling accident and is taken in by an Italian family.  In living with them, she has too earn her keep and starts learning the family business of making Italian Ice.  She grows up to start her own successful Ice Cream business in Manhattan and becomes The Ice Cream Queen.

Obviously my food craving for this book was ice cream! It’s a real focus of the book and if you can read this novel without an intense desire for a bowl then you’re a better person than I was.

Ice cream aside, it was a fabulous book and I recommend you pick it up!


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