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What’s Going On…

I can’t believe it’s nearly Thanksgiving!  How the hell did that happen?

So the bad news this week is that I’ve managed to catch myself a cold.  My nose looks like alligator skin.  The good news is that I’ve barely eaten in three days and I’m happy about the results on the scale. Poor Lexie has been sneezing and doing some extra napping this week too.   I’m relaxing, reading, and watching t.v.  hoping to recuperate in time for Thursday.

On to books!


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This week I’ve been struggling with my book.  It’s not that it’s bad, but it’s kind of dragging on a bit.  It’s a mystery/suspense novel but it has not really had me turning pages.  It’s a bit slow paced to be a suspense novel in my opinion.

The story line is interesting though.  Jo takes a tumble down some stairs, and in the aftermath she’s lost the last year’s worth of memories.  She’s got a distinct feeling of uneasiness around her husband but has no idea why.  She also comes to think that her accident may not have been an accident. The story unfolds along two timelines.  We follow Jo post fall as she struggles to recover what happened to her and her family over the past year.  We also jump back in time from the start of Jo’s memory loss (a year prior to her accident) and work our way up to the event that caused her memory loss.

I should finish this up today and I hope it’s got a killer ending to redeem itself a bit for the overall slow pace.

I also received a FABULOUS book mail package from my books editor at the newspaper.  I’m so excited for every one of these titles!!!  It really pays to have your best friend from childhood in a position to send you the best book mail ever.

I hope you’re reading this week and getting some down time in advance of the holiday mayhem.  What are your Turkey Day plans this year?


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