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What’s going on…

Let’s talk about reading preferences.   Whether it’s a killer cover, a gripping blurb, or a specific category that you stick to, we all have things that draw us in.  Sometimes, even a book title can make you stop and take a closer look.

We also have things that have us skipping over a book as we scroll Amazon or stroll the aisles of the local book store.

Today, we’re going to explore the latter.  Those things that immediately have you scrunching your nose up at a book and saying “nope”.

Here is my list of biggest book offenses.

The Next Anything 

If your book is promising to be “the next Gone Girl”, “the next Girl On The Train” or anything of the sort, I’m not likely to pick it up.  I think this is a huge faux pa on the publishers part.  It tells me your book isn’t good enough to stand on it’s own and the best way they could think of to sell it was to compare it to another work.  Some of the go-to’s for comparisons are also completely amazing books.  More often than not, when I go into a book with that kind of expectation, I’m let down.  Let your book speak for itself.

Over done titles

I’ve started to become numb to certain key words used in book titles.  Specifically, Wife and Daughter themed books.  I see them everywhere and I’m just done.  It’s time to pick another relative to write about.

Bad guy billionaire – who isn’t so bad.

As you know I’m not a big romance reader.  Maybe this specific character is why.  I can’t stand that guy.  You all know the one.  The snarky, charismatic, hottie, bad ass billionaire.  He’s usually got a dark past and everyone thinks he’s a bad guy – except for that he meets that perfect girl who changes him forever.  It’s done, overused, and just plain silly at this point to keep writing that guy.

Ex-Cop turns private investigator

Here’s another character that’s really over done.  Usually a walking, drunken disaster who’s been kicked off the police force for some manner of bad behavior.  This character seeks redemption and to overcome his dark past, to heal, and prove himself worthy. No more – please.

Characters with ridiculous names

I’m all for creative license, and I get that the name of a character can be an insight to their personality and history.  But I’m sorry; if I pick up a book and your character has a ridiculous name, I’m not reading it.  If the name is unpronounceable, I’m not going to spend the next eight hours fumbling over it and coming up with my own version of how to say it.  I also can’t connect with a character that has a name I can’t get over.  Sorry to all the unfortunate characters named  Thorne, Caymen, America, Freesia, or Peeta (yeah, let’s talk about that one!) I just can’t do it.

Copy Cat Covers

Do you ever feel like you have book deja vus? There are loads of book covers that look so eerily similar it’s easy to mistake one for another.  The cover is a book’s first impression to the world and it should be original.  If I feel like I’ve seen your cover over and over then I have no reason to think your book is anything original and I’m not likely to pick it up.

These are all my biggest book turn offs.  In no way am I stating that these are NOT good books – some of them are quite good.  But they are all examples of elements that don’t appeal to me.  What things are your total turn offs when it comes to choosing the next addition to your TBR pile?

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