Black Friday and Link Up

What’s Going On…

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  With the turkey and pies all eaten, most people are on to the Christmas season today.  As I drove home last night I noticed several people had their holiday lights up already.

I did not brave any stores today, but I have put quite a dent in my shopping list online.  I didn’t really have a goal to get much shopping done today, but I happened to find a few things I needed on sale.  Always a good thing.

I’m still saddled with my cold and today the hubs is congested so I fear he’s next.  I just about ready to pluck a book off my pile and tuck in for awhile.


Have you ever read a book that just made you crave a certain food or drink?  Did that book set in Italy make you seriously need a huge plate of pasta?  Did a character indulge in a decadent slice of chocolate cake and now you need a piece ASAP? Maybe the book you’re reading would pair well with a glass of red or a frosty pint. Well, welcome to Book Cravings!  Designed to be a fun way to share all your bookish food pairings, cravings and inspirations we’ll link up each Friday to chat about our reading and snacking life.  Because books should always come with snacks.

This week for the Friday Book Cravings like up I decided to do a holiday theme.  Link up with a book that reminds you of Thanksgiving or the book you are reading this Thanksgiving weekend.  I’m getting ready to start the new John Grisham novel.



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