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Last week I shared a list of holiday gifts perfect for book lovers.  This week, I’m connecting with the other side of my blogging life and bringing you a second holiday shopping guide.  Here is Sassy Cat Chat’s Gift Guide for Cat Lovers.  I hope you’ll find something awesome for your feline or your cat loving friend.  Gift titles are clickable to make shopping easy.

The Perfect Cat Bed

 First up on this list HAS to be this bed.  It’s the purrfect bed!  My four cats will all attest to it’s cozy, warm, wonderfulness.  They come in a wide variety of patterns and are completely washable.  Best of all, each bed sold benefits cats in need.  These beds are made by a team of volunteers and each purchase benefits The Siamese Cat Rescue Center.  Your cats will adore this bed!



Cat Dishes – for people

 On our vacation to New York City a few years ago I fell in love with the store Fishs Eddy.  They have amazing dish wear and if you love shopping through kitchen goods, as I do, then it’s a place you must visit!  I am especially fond of their kitty theme dishes.  I have highball glasses, mugs, and yes, this bowl.  And no – they are not for your cats.  It’s a perfect gift for the cat lover on your list.




Kitty Around Town

This go-to cat carrier is made by Sturdi Products.  If you’re a cat breeder, then this is a name you know well.  Hands down these are the best cat carriers money can buy.  They have lots of other nice products such as pop up shelters as well.  I have owned Sturdi bags for years and love them.  They are airline approved, completely washable and provide the ultimate in comfort for the kitty on the go.  If you’re so inclined they will carry small dogs as well.  This is a gift that cat and cat-owner alike will love.




A Picture is worth 1,000 Words

Grace, Painting

I’m going to plug my own girl, Grace here as well as one of my favorite artists.  If you want to truly take your cat lover’s breath away – have a custom portrait done of their favorite feline.  Rachel does absolutely amazing work. Shes’s done a custom painting of each of my kitty kids and I adore them.  She has a shop on Etsy with lots of her work for purchase but this is the time to go all in – have a portrait of your cat commissioned.   It will be something you’ll cherish forever.




Truly Unique Climber

If you’re looking for something really unique for your kitty – I give you – The Cat Trapeze.  These are great climbers and napping spots for your felines. Give your cats something they can really sink their claws into!  Stuff these with fiber fill or some bed pillows and you’re on your way to napping bliss.  Hang in front of a window for the ultimate cat lounging spot.

Thirsty Kitty

For the discerning cat lover, pick up a beautiful, one of a kind cat fountain.  These have been picked for Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice award and it’s no wonder why.  They are beautiful and well crafted ceramic fountains.  You kitty craves fresh water and this is a stylish way to give it to them.  Available in many styles and sizes you’re sure to find one you love.



Baking With Cats

When your cat loving friend also likes to bake, this is a perfect item to bring the two together.  You can make totally adorable cat-centric goodies with this rolling pin.  A cookie cutter or two would be a perfect add-on to this as well.  As bonus, you may benefit from all the freshly baked treats!





Well Read Cat

What good would a gift list on a book blog be without books!  Here are some of my favorite cat themed books. Click on the image for a shopping link.


I hope this has inspired you in your gift search for the cat lover on your shopping list – or maybe even yourself!



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