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As readers, especially those of us who read a lot, we all have authors that we love.  We have read nearly everything that a particular author has written and we jump on pre-orders as soon as a new book is announced.  We call these our go-to authors.  But what happens when those authors who have written books we’ve loved for years stop delivering the magic for us? Those highly anticipated books turn out to be lackluster and leave us feeling disappointed.

It happens.  Even the best of authors are going to write something that we don’t care for, especially those with dozens of titles under their belt.  Not every book is going to give us all the feels and inspire joy.  But how long to you keep an author on your go-to list?  How many so-so reads do you plow through in hopes the next one is the one that brings back all the shiny, happy feelings that you once had?

It’s a real conundrum.  If you’ve followed a series for years do you keep reading as long as the author is writing books in the series?  If you’ve read 30 books by an author do you give it up after a few that don’t click for you, or do you hang on as long as they are putting books on the shelf?

I’d love to hear if you’ve had any series or authors turn from must read, go to’s in your TBR to no-go’s.  For me personally I’ve experienced series burn out and I’m currently wrestling with a particular author’s work.

Once upon a time I was at the bookstore on pub date (or had pre-ordered) every single In Death novel by J.D. Robb.  I believe the last book I read was #31 of the series, Indulgence In Death.  There are currently 46 In Death books.  I just felt like I was reading a format instead of a new book.  They started to read like Mad-Libs, just insert new bad guy’s name here.  I think I fell out of love with the series about 5 books before I stopped picking them up.

If you’re a frequent reader of Sassy Cat Chat then you also know I’ve been a die-hard John Grisham fan for ages.  Since the very first novel I picked up, The Pelican Brief, he’s been a go-to for me, no question.  That’s a long time and a lot of titles.  But the past few books have left me disappointed.  Will I keep reading books from him?  Probably.  I’ll give at least another few a try, but my expectations are certainly adjusted and I’ll no longer be waiting with baited breath for the newest book.

Let’s chat about your go-to’s to no-go’s!


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3 thoughts on “Go-To to No-Go

  • Patty

    I don’t think I have that kind of loyalty to authors…I think I bounce around to at least a few different genres and I really like finding new authors…most of the fantasy authors I read stop a series after three books so that helps. After three books they switch to a new kind of bad guy…

    The authors you mention have a huge following…the NYT best seller lists every Sunday always have those kinds of authors that you have mentioned among others…and I constantly wonder why.

  • Lori Palmer (@palmerspageturn)

    My go to, auto-buy authors: Kristan Higgins, Cathy Lamb, Emily Giffin, Jane Green, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Colleen Hoover. However, in 2017, several of my go-tos let me down! I didn’t like the new TJR (I know, the unpopular opinion!) and I didn’t like the new Colleen Hoover. I will definitely still automatically read both author’s work in the future though!