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What’s going on…

All the Christmas festivities are done and all that’s left to do is clean up the mess and pay the bills.  It’s always a bit of a sad day after Christmas because you’ve been so busy for weeks and now there isn’t much going on.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and that Santa delivered lots of goodies!  This year I was a very lucky girl – I must have been good at just the right moment when someone was paying attention.  I got a new Roomba and I love it!  I’ve named it Cinderella and she’s been hard at work cleaning up after the Sassy Cat crew.  I also got a Ring doorbell and I’m super excited to be able to see who’s creeping on my front porch.  It’s kind of a joke in my family that if you want to come over to my house you’d better call first because I NEVER answer my door!

I was also given a very special gift from my mom.  She had the very talented Rachel Parker do a painting of my very first cat, Friskie.  It’s lovely and made me cry, a lot, when I opened it.  He’s been gone now more years than we had him, he was only eight when he died.  But I loved him immensely and he’s the reason I have the Sassy Cat crew.  I rescued him literally from a parking lot on my birthday many years ago.  He was a feral and it took a lot of time but he became a great cat.

The hubs has a new Xbox to entertain him while he’s home from work.  He will also be busy with some new computer gear.

Today was also the huge Boxing Day sale at LUSH.  I (think) I finally got loaded up with the goodies I wanted but if you’ve ever shopped that sale then you know what a nightmare it is!  Slow website, locked up transactions, refunds pending OMG it’s like walking through fire to get bath bombs!

January is a big birthday month for my family including yours truly and the hubs, so we still have some celebrating coming up. This year will be a bitter sweet birthday as it’s the last year I’ll be able to claim I’m “in my thirties.”  Getting old sucks.

That’s all for me today.  Going to get some reading done – new books for Christmas- and enjoy my new cast iron tea pot!

Have a happy week!





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