Monthly Archives: January 2018

Back 2 Good 4

What’s going on… Today I’m tired and I’m sore, but both for good reasons. First, the sore is from Zumba class today.  For anyone who has never tried it – it’s so much fun and I highly recommend it.  It’s pretty much a cardio work out, but I swear I […]



Is It Raining At Your House…

What’s going on… So I’ve been trying a little experiment for awhile here on the blog.  It’s been fun and, I think, successful.  You probably haven’t really noticed it, but now that I’m about to point it out to you, maybe you’ll have a little ah-ha moment. Post titles were […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want… 1

What’s going on… So – first up today, as you can probably tell by the post title, is more disappointment.  It’s a theme I’m ready to be done with lately. My trip to Baltimore has been canceled.  No Orioles Fan Fest for me.  I’m sad but at this point I’m […]

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