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Blizzard is NOT a word that we hear down here in Virginia Beach very often.  It’s not that frequent we get more than a few inches of snow at any time.   I grew up in Northern Virginia and we had at least one or two decent snowfalls each winter.  Living a few hours farther south, and right by the ocean, is very different.

When snow is in the forecast, especially a major event like this one,  people go nuts!  I know you “northerners” scoff at six inches of snow.  Your roads are cleared, you can get out and about, and your kids probably even still go to school.  Not here.  Measurable snow is kind of a novelty down here.  Our kids are out of school for days if not a full week.  We can’t really get out of the house for a few days.  The accidents are numerous.

The difference is not that Southerners are dumb or unprepared.  The difference is that we don’t deal with this very often.  Our cities don’t have the equipment and our drivers don’t have experience.  However, having grown up with it – it is a learning experience for a few inches of snow to bring a halt to a major city.  I’d love to see some Michigan folks deal with a hurricane and see how they do.  It’s all a matter of what you’re used to.

So today I’m dealing with preparations.  Yesterday was grocery shopping – always fun with thousands of panicking people.  Today, we are charging batteries and Kindles!  I’m making a huge pot of chili.  I’m praying we don’t lose power. As for me – I say bring on the snow!!  I love it, really.  Though it’s been so bitterly cold and I’m over that.  As long as we have lights and heat, I’m all for the snow.

Several years ago, we had a great snowfall and I really wanted one of those gorgeous pictures of my big fluffy cat in the snow.  Makari was NOT having it!  He had never really been outside and sitting still in the cold and wet was not his idea of a memorable moment.  I had to settle for a picture of Makari and Me.

I have plans to be tucked up with some good books!  I’m finishing up Salt Creek by Lucy Trelor.  I’ve been reading this for a few days, and it’s been an okay read, but it’s moving very slowly.  I have several great January books that I’m looking forward to diving in to.  The Girls In The Picture by Melanie Benjamin is probably next up.

Stay safe and enjoy the snow if you’re expecting the storm at home!





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