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What’s going on…

So today’s post is late, but better late than never.  My best intentions and plans got waylaid….again…and this weekend evaporated.  Big things are about to start happening!  I’m excited.  I’m terrified.  Stress is the theme right now in my life.

This is what has happened over the past few days:

First, I may be getting a (very) part time job.  I have a sort of informal interview Friday afternoon.  I have not worked a “real” job in many, many years so potentially going back to work is scary as hell.  However, a local tea shop that I love, and shop at way to often, is looking for some part time help.  IF I’m going to go back to work, I can hardly think of anything more perfect than a book blogger in a tea shop.


Second, we are buying a house!  Not like today, but we’re in the first of many stages.  And that is scary as hell too!  We’re not moving though, and THANK GOD for that!  We currently live in a house that belonged to my grandmother and now that she’s (sadly) gone, we kind of had to decide if we want to remain here and buy this house or start house hunting.  I’ve been looking on and off at many areas for a long time now knowing that eventually this day would come.  However, the moment actually arriving has been more daunting than expected.  There have been lots of long and late night discussions with the hubs.  My head hurts from house discussions!  My brain is full.

Along with the house buying business comes something else – renovations.  This is both stressful and exciting – both equally.  First up is remodeling our bathrooms.  I am having fun looking up ideas and my imagination is running away with me from all the zen and spa like bathrooms.  I can’t wait, though this is another thing that is scary and also expensive.

The last thing is something that is super fun, though now that I think about it, also stressful!  This coming Saturday is Orioles Fan Fest in Baltimore.  I was hoping to get an autograph voucher this past Wednesday when they went on sale.  However, they were sold out in like 30 seconds.  Seriously.  So my hopes were dashed about getting my Manny Machado jersey signed.  But, I caved in and bought a voucher online for a small fortune from an Ebay re-seller.  It completely pisses me off that these guys snipe off all the tickets and then sell them for a huge profit.  But my love for Manny outweighed my anger.  The hubs thinks I’m crazy.  So, on Saturday we will be trekking up to Baltimore and back home.  It’s about a 6 hour drive each way which makes me cranky as I loathe being in a car for long rides.  But – getting that jersey signed trumps all.  Now I’m just stressing that my voucher gets here!  It’s supposed to arrive in the mail by Thursday, so fingers crossed!


So that was my very scary and stressful weekend!


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