You Can’t Always Get What You Want… 1

What’s going on…

So – first up today, as you can probably tell by the post title, is more disappointment.  It’s a theme I’m ready to be done with lately.

My trip to Baltimore has been canceled.  No Orioles Fan Fest for me.  I’m sad but at this point I’m really just pissed off about the entire debacle.  After digging deep and paying the ransom for the Manny Machado autograph voucher, it’s still a no go.  Manny has, for undisclosed reasons, decided he’s not going to be attending the Fan Fest, and thus disappointing hundreds of fans.  Point blank it’s a shitty thing to do.   Maybe the people that say he’s a jerk aren’t wrong.  It’s hard for me to think that, since he’s such a great ball player, but maybe he is just a world class jack ass.

In any case – I’m grouchy about it.

I’m STILL trying to read the same dang book from before Christmas.  At this point it’s a war of wills and I won’t let this book defeat me.  Needless to say that Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar isn’t going to be high on my list of recommended reads.  The bummer about it is that I like her writing and her style.  It’s just a slow, boarder line boring, book.  NOTHING is happening.  I will persevere and finish it, even if I’m questioning why at every page.

To wrap up the week, I did have my job interview today.  I have a lot to think about.  On one hand it’s a great little place with really nice people.  It seems very low key/ low stress and that’s never a bad thing. There is an opportunity to not only work the retail and store side of things, but to also use my photography skills and also a possibility to help with projects like social media, marketing and website.  All things I love doing.  I love a project!  The downside, as with most jobs, is money.  It’s a small business and it’s always a give and take as to the perks of the environment of a small business vs. the salary a large company can offer.  Fortunately I’m not looking to make millions from a part time job, however, I want to feel like committing my time is beneficial.

Lots to consider over the weekend.  Hope you have a lovely and relaxing one!


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