Is It Raining At Your House…

What’s going on…

So I’ve been trying a little experiment for awhile here on the blog.  It’s been fun and, I think, successful.  You probably haven’t really noticed it, but now that I’m about to point it out to you, maybe you’ll have a little ah-ha moment.

Post titles were one of my biggest trials when I first started blogging.  Something so simple, yet that great, snappy post title eluded me consistently.  So I have turned to my favorite show for inspiration.  Every Grey’s Anatomy episode title is a song.  It may be some indie, obscure song, or it could be a well known hit by R.E.M.,  but nonetheless, every episode is named for a song.  Maybe you didn’t know this about Grey’s, but given my super-fan situation, I thought everyone knew this.  You can chalk that up to a weird fact about me!

rainIt’s been really fun to write a post and then find a song title to match.  Today’s, for example is by Brad Paisley.  And – you guessed it – it’s been raining here!  Actually it rained all day yesterday, and not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow.  I never really mind it though, I love a rainy day and a good, booming thunderstorm is one of my favorite things about summer.  Once in awhile it’s a bummer to get rained out of some planned outdoor event, but on the whole, you’ll never hear me complain about a rainy day.  It’s perfect reading and tea weather!

Speaking of tea, I’ve ultimately decided to pass on the job at the tea shop.  I’m kind of sad about it in all honesty.  But the bottom line came down to my cousin was paid more to make pizza at Poppa John’s than I would be making to work in the store and help with social media and website stuff.  That was hard to swallow.

The hubby got up this morning and decided to make breakfast and that eased the pain of turning down the job.  After one batched of burned pancakes and a smoke alarm, he successfully delivered a pile of golden pancakes and bacon.  They were quite yummy!  I’ll happily help clean up the kitchen whenever he decides to make them.


Tonight, for dinner I’m trying out something new.  I love Blue Apron and would really like to be able to afford their meal kits.  But, being as we are cutting back our budget so we can buy a house, it’s just out of my price range.  However, I love that they have a good amount of their recipes available online!  It’s a great resource for new ideas that are pretty quick to prepare and require a minimal amount of ingredients.  I’ve tried a recipe or two before and enjoyed what I made.  Tonight is a broccoli, cheese casserole that I’m adding some chicken to.  It looks like good comfort food perfect for the rainy weather.  Click the photo for recipe link.

I’m also buckling down on reading today.  My Good Reads Challenge is giving me anxiety.  I’m FOUR books behind schedule and it’s only January.  Maybe I over shot my goal for the year, but I have faith I can get back into the groove.  By the end of February I’m hoping to be on schedule and have no outstanding reviews.  I’m taking it in stride that January has been an odd and rough month and I’m going to turn the ship around.  I have loads of good books waiting for me and I’m expecting some wonderful things in the mail soon.  The hubby is set to be traveling some again and I’ve got big plans for myself!

That’s all for me this Monday!  Stay dry and read on.


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