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Today I’m tired and I’m sore, but both for good reasons.

First, the sore is from Zumba class today.  For anyone who has never tried it – it’s so much fun and I highly recommend it.  It’s pretty much a cardio work out, but I swear I work muscles that don’t get used much.  It’s all good.  Find a class, find a friend and get your booty in shape.  If you don’t think it’s tough or a good workout, then you’ve got another thing coming – it’s hard!  I really do need to get myself to more than just one class a week though.  Goals.

Second, is the tired.  I stayed up waaay past my bedtime to finish an amazing book.  Wait what?  Yeah – you heard me, an “amazing” book, but not what you think.

Yes, I did finally finish Salt Creek.  I powered through. Here’s the deal on this book:

Lucy Treloar wrote a beautiful story.  Her detail and imagery skills were on point.  However, I can honestly say that no matter how well I think the book was written, it just didn’t do much for me.  I kind of equate this book to the old dioramas you used to make in school.  You know, the shoe box scenes? It’s a snapshot of a family.

Salt Creek takes place in the mid 1800’s in Australia.  The Finch family is part of the original settlements of land there belonging to England.  The story is their many, many struggles with life in the Coorang.  There isn’t a whole lot going on in this novel though.  Yes, we follow the Finch family and yes, we learn about life in that time in that part of the world.  However, life was pretty boring!  This book was really hard for me to get through.  There just wasn’t enough plot to pull me through it.

The characters were flat; definitely what you see is what you get.  The novel takes place over many years, so I would have loved to see some growth and change in the Finch family but we don’t get it.  Their life was hard, people died of things that we don’t even think about dying from today.  Boys were sent off as workers to earn money for the family.  Girls landed themselves in some precarious situations.  But overall, I could not get attached to any of the characters and just could not get invested in the story.

I can’t say this one ends up on my recommended reading list.  But, in fairness, I will say that this has a 4.3 star rating and 925 reviews on Good Reads – so take my opinion for what it is.

So, you may ask, WHAT is the amazing book?  Well, after finishing Salt Creek I was really anxious to dive into something I knew would grab me.

I had to go to an old stand by, Lisa Gardner, as I knew her newest novel Look For Me would put my reading back in the fast lane.  If you’re familiar with her books, then you’ll definitely want to pick up this one.  This is part of her Detective D.D. Warren series and it brings back Flora Dane from Find Her, which I really, really loved.  If you haven’t gotten around to reading Find Her yet (published Feb 2016) then you really want to start with that one before digging into Look For Me.  It’s not bad as a stand alone, however you’ll be missing a HUGE part of the story by not reading Find Her first.

I sat down with this book just before dinner and stayed up until after 1 a.m. reading!  I NEVER finish a book in a day, but I could not put this one down!!  I became a page-churning maniac reading this book.  The plot line is great.  It’s so compelling and tension packed and the characters are familiar and likable.  Lisa’s writing is dependably excellent.  If you like domestic thrillers, this is going to be a great pick for you.

The run down of the story is that the Baez family is found murdered in their home, the only caveat is that the eldest daughter, Roxy, is missing.  Detective D.D. Warren is called in to to help find the killer, the missing daughter, and to determine if those might just be one in the same.

Flora Dane is a victim of a kidnapping that happened approximately six years ago.  She’s a survivor and she’s set herself up as sort of a mentor to other survivors of violent crimes.  She’s one hard core girl, and someone you definitely don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of.  She’s got street smarts, a wicked since of humor and she’s on a mission.  She inserts herself into the Baez family case and is determined to help find Roxy.  What Flora will do if she finds her is anybody’s guess – it depends on if Roxy is a victim or a murderer.

I love Flora’s character and hope she’s a permanent fixture of fourth coming books in the D.D Warren series. Overall a great read.  Hits shelves February 6.

That’s all for me today.  Busy week ahead!


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4 thoughts on “Back 2 Good

  • loribpalmer

    I haven’t read Lisa Gardner’s but I’ve heard so many good things! I’ll need to change that soon. I went to Zumba class last night too! So fun!! Also, now that I read your post and know your post titles are song titles….Matchbox Twenty is my all time favorite band 🙂

    • LisaD Post author

      Lol I knew as soon as I said that the titles we’re songs that it would click. Yes, I recommend you get Find Her and start there. It’s not the first in the series but that’s ok.

  • Diana

    I haven’t read a Lisa Gardner book in quite a while. This one sounds great and I am glad that you enjoyed it. Salt Creek has an interesting premise. Sad to hear about the lack of character development though.

    Great reviews!