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I completely dropped the ball as far as blogging last week.  I’d love to be able to blame it on sheer laziness but I’ve actually been really busy.

Buying a house, if you didn’t know, is apparently one of the world’s greatest time sucks.  Oh my goodness the phone calls, and emails, and paperwork are endless!!  Since our closing date was set for about 20 days after first contacting the broker, stuff is pretty hectic and time sensitive.  It’s not a bad thing, just a busy thing.  So much to do and not everyone seems to run as quickly as we need them to.

I have read three chapters of The Girls In the Picture by Melanie Benjamin.  I’m preparing for my goal to be on target for reading in February to completely blow up.  When I’ve got some down time, my head is going in so many directions that I just can’t focus and enjoy a book.  I need some relaxation big time but I’m constantly making to-do lists in my head.  I fall asleep making imaginary lists.  Lists of lists!

I have been catching up on t.v. though!  It’s mindless enough that I can cope with television.  On Saturday, the hubs and I stumbled on The Vet Life on Animal Planet and we watched more of that than I care to admit.  The hubs spent last week working in Michigan and was very happy to get back home to our balmy 40 degree temps.  However, the weather in Michigan was troublesome and, due to lots of snow, he ended up driving the 13 hours home.  He was less than happy about that, but he got very acquainted with his 2018 Toyota Highlander rental car and has decided it’s a candidate when our beloved 2008 Honda CRV finally gives up.

This week is reading and cleaning, I hope.  I got a good start on Sunday and organized the pantry.  Simon was happy to supervise the process.  I had a mishap with a mason jar that fell from a shelf on my foot and now am the proud owner of a goose egg and a blooming bruise.

Part of my problem with being in forty different places at once is we are hoping to start remodeling one of our bathrooms pretty quickly after getting the house is purchased.   I keep going down the internet rabbit hole in deciding what I want for the bathroom.  I’ve settled on a coastal theme and am excited about a new beachy bathroom.  A giant soaking tub is in my future!  I’ve picked a beautiful aqua tile for the shower and a wood look vinyl plank floor.


Even with doing this all ourselves, remodeling is expensive!  Of course, I’m making lists of everything to buy and do, and it’s grown into quite a long list.  I’m sure I’ll load the blog up with progress photos in the next few months.  My mom bought our new vanity and it should be here at the end of February – I’m super excited!

Today was kind of a rambling post, but that’s just how my mind is right now.  Hopefully I get back to bookish things soon!


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3 thoughts on “9 to 5

  • Lori Palmer (@palmerspageturn)

    Last summer we sold our house and bought a new house all at the same time–most stressful event EVER. Oh my goodness. Always something to sign, take care of, worry about….UGH. I was so glad when that process was over. I love the picture of your kitty “helping” you sort out the pantry! My kitties do the same thing!

    • LisaD Post author

      Yeah I am kind of thanking my stars that we already live here and don’t have the stress of moving!!! We’ve moved several times and I’m so done with that! The thought of having to pack boxes again makes me cringe.