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Before you ask if you, or I, am losing my marbles, yes – this is a second post in one day.  However, I could not wait until Friday to share what an amazing thing happened to me today.

Today would have been my grandmother’s 86th birthday.  The sadness of losing her is still fresh, and she is in my thoughts today.  This just another layer in the stress that has enveloped my life lately.

Things have been so incredibly busy, it’s all important and necessary stuff, but it just feels like a lot.  Buying a house, preparing for remodeling projects, keeping up with the endless tasks are consuming.  I’ve felt like reading and keeping up with my blog are futile efforts and I’m missing being able to devote time and attention to the things that I love.

That being said, today was not a great day.  And then….the mailman came.  Let me tell you that in thirty seconds I felt so incredibly blessed by the people in my life.  I know that we are all an online community – our friendship is the modern type in that we all know each other but we don’t “know” each other.  But we still have the ability to bring joy to each other and today I am so thankful for that.

First, I’m part of an online community for writers and book lovers called Bloom.  It’s organized by a group of amazing women writers called The Tall Poppies.  You’re probably already familiar with many of these writers, but I encourage you to check them out.  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a little game over on the Facebook Group so yes, I was expecting a package but I was not expecting how lovely it would be.  It was truly filled with amazing things that filled my heart.  Especially treasured is a bracelet engraved with the phrase Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything.  I adore it!

Here is what was in my amazing box of goodies!

Second, the incredible Kristy Woodson Harvey sent me a signed, advanced copy of her book The Secret To Southern Charm.  I was ecstatic to receive this from her.  I am always honored when an author trusts me to read and review their work.  I loved the first book in her new series, Slightly South of Simple, and am so excited to read the follow up.

The third bit of fabulous was a painting from Rachel Parker Varner.  I know I’ve mentioned her countless times as she’s, well, amazing.  She’s the artist who has blessed me with the beautiful paintings of my kitties and I adore them.  I adore her!  She sent me this mini painting and I can’t wait to place it in my beachy bathroom!

So here’s the thing guys – we are all special people and I’m so happy to have a book community to belong to.  You never know what bit of happiness you may bring to someone who needs it.  Today, I’m so thankful.  I hope to pass along the love and friendship someday to you all.






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