The Little Things In Life…

What’s going on…

Just a little update about things going on this week.  I started reading The Girls In The Picture by Melanie Benjamin and I really like it.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to put it aside for a few days.


Despite all my calendars and organization, I completely forgot that I’m signed up for a blog tour for March 1. OMG!  So I decided I’d better put a hustle on it and get reading that book instead.  I’ve gotten a few chapters in and it’s good so far.  The very mysterious, I Know Where You Live by Pat Young.  I’ve never reading anything by this author before and when I was sent the book info I was excited to read it and get on the tour for it.

This one comes out on March 1st by Bloodhound Books so be sure to come back and check out my review and a list of other bloggers who are reviewing it.



More little things – windows and doors.  We had a company out to give us a quote for replacement windows and new sliding glass doors.  Holy Cow that’s expensive!  I had my heart set on a garden window for our remodeled bathroom, but yikes!  I may have to reconsider that, although I really hate to.

I’m also busy babysitting people that I should not have to be and this makes me cranky.  So many follow up calls to make sure people are doing their jobs, and usually, they are not.  Getting the pest and moisture letter from our bug company has been like pulling teeth!

I’m also doing all kinds of research about bathroom renovations.  I’m becoming an encyclopedia on tile installation.  I hope all of this translates into mad skillz when the time comes.  YouTube really is an amazing thing. I also played around with a program called Sketchup.  It’s actually what Joanna Gaines uses though, admittedly, my work is FAR less impressive.  It took me hours to make this look like a bathroom LOL.  Notice the nice window in my sketch?

On another note, it’s National Love Your Pet Day.  I always like little days like this, they’re fun.  So, the Sassy Cats agreed to some photos today to share some lovin’.  Of course, Simon needed to share two photos because he’s the best one 😉

Have a great afternoon!


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