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Today’s the day!  At 3 pm this afternoon we go to closing for the house.  I can’t believe it’s today.  It wasn’t all that long ago that the craziness started, but I’m glad it will be done and things can get less busy.  At least for awhile anyway.  I’ve been warned that by the end of this afternoon I’ll have signed my name so many times it won’t feel like my name anymore.  

This weekend we were blessed with some very nice weather and we spent two days in the yard.  However, I did end up with sunburn.  Who would have thought in February I’d need sunscreen?

The people that lived here before my grandmother had a major infatuation with red landscaping brick.  There were massive flower beds everywhere!  Over the years you know how those bricks start to look, and they were all wonky and out of alignment.  I’ve been staring at them for 3 years thinking “this has to go!” and it finally did!

I posted them up on Let Go and we were able to unload about 500 of those large 8 inch hexagonal bricks.  It was a ton of work.  Actually, it was about 2 and a half tons of work since those things are about 10 pounds each!

We still have two nice beds across the front of the house, but all the rest will eventually be back to grass.  I’m a lazy girl and all those flower beds are a massive amount of upkeep.  So, we spent our last weekend as renters getting the yard fixed up for the new owners 🙂

Saturday morning the hubby got up and made breakfast. God I love that!  He wanted to try making crepes and he did a fabulous job.  I told him he can make those anytime he wants.  My mom used to make them. I even requested them as a kid for my birthday dinners!  Mom always made cherry so, of course, that’s what I wanted.  I think I must have been a strange kid, as several years my birthday dinner request was beef stroganoff and cherry crepes.




I got no reading done over the weekend which has become par for the course lately.  Hopefully, that all gets back to normal soon.  I did manage to watch the opening day game on Friday for the Orioles spring training.  We lost.  Hope that ship gets righted soon or it will be another disappointing season for sure.

That’s all for me but, honestly, it’s enough!


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