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Today I’m happy to be one of the first stops on the tour for I Know Where You Live by Pat Young.  Please be sure to check out some of the other fantastic blogs on the tour.


I Know Where You Live is the newest novel by author Pat Young.  Her debut novel, Till The Dust Settles, also published by Bloodhound books, and hit stores in July 2017.  This second book is a follow up to her first novel.  When I read the initial blurb for I Know Where You Live, I was immediately interested in this fast paced thriller.

I did not know that this was, in fact, a sequel, and I wish I’d had the opportunity to read Till The Dust Settles first. My recommendation is to read the first book first.  While this second novel does work as a stand alone, I feel I would have enjoyed it more having read the first book.  I did feel like I was missing some information and it was only after I’d finished I realized why.  As I was reading, I felt like there was a lot of back story being left out by the author and it was a bit confusing.  The references to the characters mysterious past was frustrating when I never got the whole story.  Reading Till The Dust Settles would have alleviated this and helped tremendously.

About the book:

Penny and Seth Gates have left their troubled past behind and started a new life in Texas, complete with new names, as part of the witness protection program.  Things seem to be going well for the couple until Penny starts to get the feeling that she is being watched.  Scared for herself, Seth, and their two children, Penny urges Seth to jump at an opportunity through his job to move to France for a few months.  Penny hopes putting some further distance between them and their past will help alleviate her fears.  She’s wrong.

When the Gates family meets a young woman in the airport on their way to France, Penny hopes the logistical problems of moving to a new country will be solved.  Sophie is a perfectly charming young lady who speaks fluent French, and is great with their kids, Angel and Ethan.  Penny agrees to hire Sophie as a live in nanny for the kids and to help them all navigate living in France.  More than once Penny and Seth were amazed at their luck in finding Sophie so unexpectedly and thought she was too good to be true.  They were right.  Meeting Sophie was no accident and trusting her puts them all in danger.

Sophie has been hired to befriend the Gates family by a mysterious woman who calls herself Miss L.  Sophie answered Miss L’s ad in a local paper for an au pair in France.  Excited about being able to travel abroad, she eagerly jumps at this seemingly perfect opportunity.  Miss L later informs Sophie that she is the estranged grandmother of Angel and Ethan and is traveling to France in hopes of Sophie making it possible for her to meet her grandchildren.  Sophie finds out too late that Miss L is not who she claims to be.  When Ethan disappears, Sophie finds herself in the middle of an international search for a missing child.

I Know Where You Live is a true page turner and you’ll be flying through to figure out exactly who Miss L is and what she wants from Penny and Seth Gates.  It hits every note for what makes a great domestic thriller.

About the author:

Pat Young grew up in the south west of Scotland where she still lives, sometimes. She often goes to the other extreme, the south west of France, in search of sunlight.

Pat never expected to be a writer. Then she found a discarded book with a wad of cash tucked in the flyleaf. ‘What if something awful happened to the person who lost this book?’ she thought, and she was off.

Pat knew nothing of writing, but she knew a thing or two about books, having studied English, French and German at Glasgow University. A passion for languages led to a career she loved and then a successful part-time business that allowed her some free-time, at last.

Pat had plans, none of which included sitting at her desk from daybreak till dusk. But some days she has to. Because there’s a story to be told. And when it’s done, she can go out to play. On zip-wires and abseil ropes, or just the tennis court.

Pat writes psychological thrillers. Her debut novel Till the Dust Settles, has been awarded the Scottish Association of Writers’ Constable Stag trophy. Following publication in July
2017 Pat was delighted to be chosen as an ‘emerging talent’ for Crime in the Spotlight and read from Till the Dust Settles to an audience at Bloody Scotland – another dream come true.

Published by Bloodhound Books, I Know Where You Live is the much-anticipated sequel to Pat’s gripping and unmissable debut thriller, Till the Dust Settles. It too is a psychological thriller with a skilfully told story that makes for an enjoyable stand alone read. It will hook you from the start.

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6 thoughts on “Blog Tour – I Know Where You Live

    • Pat Young

      Maybe you’d like to read Till the Dust Settles first, Patty, based on Lisa’s comments? It has been very popular too. Or go ahead and enjoy I know where you live. Best wishes, Pat (aka the author)

  • Pat Young

    Thank you so much for this fabulous review. Reading it made ME want to read the book! That’s how well you captured the intrigue. I’m sorry you didn’t have the opportunity to read Till the Dust Settles first. I believe you could still read and enjoy it. I hope you do. Thank you, Lisa.