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What’s going on…

The demo work on the bathroom is complete and now we begin gathering all the stuff to start the remodel!  I’m happy to be moving on from ripping up tile and pulling down walls.

Last week I ordered the bathtub for the new bathroom and I’m so excited that it will be here Friday.  I can not wait to get that baby in!  Over the weekend I placed an order for my new, beautiful, glass tile!  The color is called Fountain Blue and I’m completely in love with it.  It just says ocean to me – which is good since the bathroom is going to be a coastal design.  I’m also ordering goodies like a vanity light, and picking up my new flooring today.

Things will be coming together in no time!  Meanwhile, I’m filing my time watching videos on how to install tile and how to finish drywall.  The drywall scares me more than the tile because I’ve done it before and it didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped.  I hope I can improve my skills this time around.

We went tool shopping on Saturday and I was never happier to be in a hardware store.  I came home with a new laser cross beam level.  The things you never knew you needed 🙂

I’m really hoping to get some reading in this week. That’s my solitary goal since I’m on hold with the bathroom until we get some needed supplies here.  I also have an overdue review for the newspaper and I hope to get that knocked out this afternoon.  It’s partly done so I just need to finish it.  I’m sort of like a squirrel in traffic these days with my brain going in 50 directions and absolutely zero focus or attention span.

The hubs is back in snowy Michigan this week.  I’m banking on the alone time will provide the reading time and an attention span lasting more than five minutes.

That’s all for me this week!





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