The Show Must Go On… 1

What’s going on…

It’s a cranky day in my house.  One of those days when nothing seems to go as planned, and more things seem to revolt than you can fix at a time.  It shall be fine – it’s just going to take awhile to get there.

Our alarm system took an “update” and it’s now in a funk.  Who knows how we’ll get that fixed.

Re-doing the plumbing in the bathroom continues.  It’s not a fast part of this project.  The hubs has been working hard though, and it’s getting there.  Both of our bathrooms share plumbing, so, unfortunately, to get the new stuff ready for the new bathroom, it also requires upgrading the plumbing to the existing bathroom.  It’s a mess!  The people at Lowe’s are going to start recognizing me soon.

The water has been on and off since Friday.  I think having no water is a bit worse than no power.  No, that sucks too!  It all just sucks.  I need power and water to function.  The up side of this is that I don’t have to do laundry or dishes.  The down side is that we are going to be naked and eating off dirty dishes soon.

The house is a war zone.  There are parts, and tools, and boxes of stuff everywhere!  There is no hope for cleaning it up anytime soon.

Right now my job is to be the parts get-er, tool fetcher and maker of lunches.  I don’t don’t do plumbing – I’m the sounding board.  However, my part will start soon.  I’m the drywall finisher, the shower waterproof-er, the tile installer, the painter, and assistant floor layer.  My list of jobs is long.

Boxes!  The amount of deliveries coming to my house is exhausting.  It never ceases to amaze me what you can buy online and get through Amazon.  It’s not a bad thing, but some of the items require being shipped by freight which requires appointments for delivery.  My tile is coming Tuesday or Wednesday- we’ll get a call an hour prior to delivery.  But for the most part I can’t be more than an hour away from the house for two days.

Books – not so much.  I’m eeking my way through The Girls In The Picture.  I really am enjoying it, but reading is a slow process these days.  Hopefully when summer hits and the weather is nice I’ll be ready to tackle my TBR shelves but for right now it’s on hold.

Hope your day is more productive than mine has been!


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