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What’s going on…

It’s going to be a long day.  Actually, it’s going to be a long few days.  Today is the first day of all new doors and window’s being put in!  I’m excited about it, but as most things seem to be, it’s going to be a process.  Luckily, this project doesn’t require me to “do” much of anything.  However, the Sassy Cat Crew must spend the bulk of the day for the next 3 or 4 days in kitty jail.

Mind you that kitty jail is not a bad place to be!  The second largest bedroom in the house serves as my office space, it has a day bed and all the comforts a cat could want.  Heated mats, heated blankets, litter boxes, snacks and a cat tree are all back in this comfy room.  But the one thing the Sassy Cat Crew cannot stand is a closed door and, unfortunately, the door is closed!  A closed door means NO to my crew and as a group, they don’t handle NO very well.  So there will be yowling.  A lot of yowling.  And twelve feet scrambling to bum rush the door every time I need to go in or out.

My patience will be tried this week.

Fortunately, project bathroom is seeing a bit of progress.  The hubs has be sick and so last week there wasn’t much done.  It is what it is.  But yesterday he was feeling a bit better and we did get the new floor underlayment installed.  Thank goodness we aren’t walking on, and dropping things through, the slatted sub floor anymore!  The next phase is to finally finish the plumbing and to move on to fixing any wall studs that need fixing.  There are a few that are a bit wonky and need to be made flush with each other to ensure level drywall and tile backer board.  Of course, there was tile board and drywall up before so I’m not quite sure how they didn’t fix this issue years ago when they put that up.  Sigh.  There are a lot of things that were not done well that now need fixing.

While I’m being warden of the kitty jail these next few days, I plan on taking advantage of some reading time!  I’ve started The Secret To Southern Charm by Kristy Woodson Harvey and, as I expected, I love it!  This is number two in the Peachtree Bluff series and this one comes out in just a few days!






Hope you have a fab week!


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