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What’s going on…

Words.  My life is filled with words.  Reading them, and now, writing them!  Yep, I’m making it official by announcing here on the blog that I’m writing a book.  Well, at least attempting to.  Who knows, it could all be crap. But I’ve actually had someone alpha read what I have so far, and gotten some pretty positive feedback.  That’s encouraging to say the least.

The Sassy Cats are, of course, what the book is about!  I’m thinking about posting some bits and pieces on here as I go.  I’ll wait until I’ve got some editing under my belt, you’ll thank me for that!

Writing is hard!  In a way at least.  It’s actually something that I’ve done all my life.  I was always the nerdy kid who wrote her own short stories and poems. My mom will tell you that I wrote my own little detective stories as young as elementary school.  I was a huge fan of Dragnet re-runs and, as an only child, I was pretty good at entertaining myself.  I took creative writing classes in High School and in College but this is so different!  A book is a lot!

I don’t fear not being able to get out my story or come up with the words.  I fear it being good enough for anyone else to want to read.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on the writing process.  I have a lot to learn!  Editing scares me.  Editing scares me a lot!  Fortunately, I’m still working on just putting words on paper.  I’ll worry about making them good later.  Apparently, this is how it works.

So while Bill is away this week I’m making hay while the sun shines so to speak.  I’ve plugged in about 3 thousand words today.  That seems like a lot right?  Considering the average novel is around 80 thousand, I’ve got a ways to go!  I’ve already learned a lot about myself.  Like I really, really like the word really!  The thesaurus is becoming my new best friend – along with the delete key.

In other news, I’ve finally taken the time to make a Face Book page for the blog.  Yeah, I know, bad me!  I’ve had a blog for years and I’m just now getting around to this.  Feel free to check it out here and keep up!  You can find it here.

I’ve been spending my time away from the computer by puttering around in the yard.  I’m waiting for my turn on the bathroom project.  It’s slow, but it’s coming along.

I’ve just about finished reading I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon.  I love historical fiction!

Hope you’re having some warm spring days!


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