Good Day Sunshine 3

What’s going on…

It’s MONDAY and it’s been a really good day so far.  At least for me, for hubby not so much!  He’s traveling this week and from all the crappy weather yesterday he had a rough time.  He spent the night at the Charlotte airport which pretty much tells you all you need to know.  Flying is definitely not the fun experience it once was.  When you have delays and flight cancellations and you have a payoff at the end of all the hassle of a nice, relaxing vacation, then it’s kind of worth it.  But when you travel as much as he does for business and you’re flights suck, then it’s hardly worth all the trouble.

However, lets get back to me!  I’ve been looking for some little lime hydrangea to plant in the front flower beds.  See, I told you I was a liar when I said I wouldn’t be planting anything this year.  Anyhoo – non of the local big box stores and even some of the fabulous nurseries we have around here have many summer plants yet.  On a whim I called a local nursery that isn’t my normal go-to.  But they had boatloads of plants!  And they were fairly reasonable prices so that was another surprise.

Let’s face it, plants can be expensive.  You can easily spend a few thousand dollars if you’re overhauling your yard.  Another reason we are doing our yard work in stages.  The budget can only be pushed so far.

But I found my precocious plants and I’ll be getting them in the ground tomorrow.  After the huge amount of rain we had here yesterday, working outside is a soupy mess.

Also in exciting news, I found a new office chair!  I’ve been wanting one for awhile, but never got around to picking one.  I have a lot of back and neck issues and my old chair was doing me no favors in this department.  Since I’ve been spending so much time typing at the computer, writing a book, it’s come to light that my chair had to go.  I was prepared to spend the day hopping from store to store in my search.  But I hit gold on the first try!  That never happens to me.  I was having a very Goldie Locks moment sitting in all the display chairs at Office Max.  To big, too hard, too – blech.  But I finally found one that was just right.  I’m in love with it!

It’s so cushy and comfy that I don’t think I’ll ever get up.  It sits a tad high for me.  I’m a little person and adult furniture is not made for those of us who are 5 feet tall.  It feels a little strange to sit in it at my desk but I think that’s the new chair thing.  You get used to how an old sofa or  chair feels and it takes a little time to retrain your body.  Hopefully it will hold up well.





As far as reading goes, not so much.  I’ve been so busy with yard work, bathroom project, and writing that I haven’t

let myself just relax and read.  But the weather is supposed to be gorgeous all week and I plan on spending some time outside in my swing with a good book.  I love the nice spring weather!

Hope you have a lovely week!


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3 thoughts on “Good Day Sunshine

  • Patty

    You are an incredibly busy person lately! Plus…you wear lots of hats…tiler, blogger, budding writer, cat herder and landscaper!

    I am exhausted just from your day today! Have fun planting but have the Advil ready!

  • Lindsey Stefan

    This weather is certainly crazy. I spent some time on Saturday reading in our hammock and today it was freezing with torrential rain.

    I love reading about other people’s gardening adventures! I’m hoping to start small this year and plant some herbs and vegetables.