Bad Hair Day

What’s going on…


First off just let me say that I’m AMAZED I found a song to use as the title of this post!  Second let me say – oh it’s soooo true.

Yesterday I had an unexpected adventure.  By adventure, I really mean gut wrenching and horribly bad misfortune.

I’ve beached and colored my own hair for about four years.  I’ve hit a few trial and error missteps along the way, sure, but for the most part things have gone really well.  I’m naturally a medium blonde color (a level 7 if you’re knowledgeable about that kind of stuff).  My hair gets a little lighter in the summers.  I’ve done my own highlights, dyed it brown, dark brown, and red.  The red was a poor judgement but the process went well, I just hated the color.

Yesterday I wanted to blonde myself up again and cover up the ever increasing grey.  Big mistake. Huge.

I bleached and toned with no issues.  Then I put in some base color.  What I chose was 8N (again, if you know about these things) an intense light blonde.  It’s actually, to me, a medium blonde but whatever.  When I rinsed and dried, I had orange.  Orange! My heart stopped.  This has never happened to me before!

In an attempt to correct this, I bleached and toned again.  It helped some, but not nearly enough.  So, I went back to my trusty 7N color that I’ve used for years.  What I got was orange-y brown on top and very mousy brown at the bottom.  I am not ashamed to say that I crumbled into tears.

After many, many tissues and a pair of ruined contacts from crying, I decided to text my old stylist to see what could be done and how long I’d have to wait to start the process of fixing my f-up.

Jesus I love that girl.  I’m sorry I’m too broke to have ever stopped using her -but you know – life.

She can have me back to my beautiful blonde self this afternoon.  See, told you she’s amazing.  So I’m drying my tears and I’ll be good as new within 24 hours.  I don’t think I’ll be coloring my hair again anytime soon.  It costs way too much to fix it when it, inevitably, goes bad.




So – that’s my day!  I want to commiserate.  Please tell me you’ve had your own hair disasters, lets share!



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