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What’s going on…

Wow! So I knew it had been awhile since I had a post, but I didn’t realize it’s been soooo long.  My bad. All the things have been going on.

First, I have been reading but only here and there. I finished I Was Anastasia and loved it! It is a wonderful historical fiction novel and I highly recommend. I’ve got to get an “official” review done. In a nutshell, it’s a neat spin on the mystery of what happened to The Grand Duchess, Anastasia Romonov, and the rest of the Imperial Family. The author, Ariel Lawhon, does a fantastic job with this novel. The time line skips around a bit and you have to pay attention. It’s not a book you want to pick up if you’re headed to bed. It’s a book you want to take your time to dig into it.

Next I started The It Girls by Karen Harper. She’s a new author for me, which seems like a fault on my part as she’s got a huge back list of Historical Fiction and Suspense novels. The novel follows the Sutherland sisters, Elinor and Lucile who were children  in the late 1800’s. Their lives are chronicled from impoverished childhoods on The Isle of Jersey through their equally challenging and successful adult lives. Lucy becomes a fashion designer who society flocks to wear her edgy fashions. Elinor becomes a famous, if not scandalous, writer. I can’t wait to finish this and see how all turns out. This one actually came out in October, 2017 and I never got to read it but I kept it on my shelf as it looked so good.


I had hoped I would be able to tell you all about the Kenny Chesney concert I went to last night. I went, but there was no concert. Sadly, we had a huge line of thunderstorms kick up. Since our venue is an outdoor amphitheater, weather effects everything. It’s a lovely place for summer concerts when the weather cooperates, but on nights like last night, it’s just a real pain in the ass.

Last but not least for today is a birthday! Sassy Cat Makari is seven years old! I can hardly believe it. It doesn’t feel like nearly that long ago I was waiting for him to arrive from Canada. He’s such a special guy and we love him so much!

Happy Friday!!


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