Doctor! Doctor!

What’s going on…

I finally had my shoulder checked out by a orthopedic specialist! Bad me, I let this go on for over a year, but I got my crap together and made an appointment several weeks ago. It’s been a long time coming. The good news is I do not have a rotator cuff tear. Whew! The bad news is that I have bursitis and an impingement.

The numbness in my fingers however, is sadly unrelated to my hinky shoulder. It’s caused by my hinky neck. Sigh. I don’t want to deal with anymore neck problems. I’ve had enough of those.

I got my first cortisone shot today. I think this means I’m getting old. Am I old? I didn’t think 39 was ancient but some days it feels like it is.  After the shot, which thankfully did not hurt, I’m not supposed to lift anything and to use my shoulder minimally  for three days. How in the heck do you not use your right shoulder when you’re right handed. I don’t see this as a possibility. Maybe it means I can’t cook or clean for awhile. Yes, that must be it.

So, what’s new? We’ve made some progress on the bathroom project. YEA!! Cement backer board is nearly up in the bathtub alcove. Next, we move on to drywall. Then, it’s time to waterproof the shower. Those things don’t seem like shoulder friendly tasks.

I’ve been reading in small amounts. I did receive some fab book mail this week. Lisa Unger’s new title will be out in October and I’m thrilled to get such an early copy.

I also finished my manuscript first draft! I’m so excited. Typing “The End” is in no way really then end though. There is still tons of edits and revisions to come. But I’m excited to have at least gotten through this part of the process.

We’ve had some really nice weather lately. The hubs and I have grilled out tons. Last night we made the first S’mores of summer. They were delicious. We are expecting a ton of rain over the next few days. I hope I can sneak in steaks on the grill tonight before it starts.





Have a lovely week!


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