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What’s going on…

I’ll fess up to being a terrible blogger as of late. On occasion when things get busy, I have the bad habit of not blogging. Unfortunately it seems that once in awhile I just need a break from some of the many plates I have spinning.

But the good news is that I’ve finally regained some normalcy and I’m back to reading and blogging.

So what the hell have I been doing?  Well, I’ve finished my book! It’s done, it’s edited, and now I’ve moved on to the query letter process.  For those that don’t know, actually writing a book seems to be the quickest and easiest portion of this whole getting published process.

Honestly – it’s hell. It is endless months of waiting and finger nail biting. Sending query letters is pretty much cold calling agents through the in-box and begging them to read your book. You have one page to convince someone you’ve never spoken to that you’re amazing, your book is amazing, and they need to have it on their list.  Easy!

But…enough about that. The good news is that in all the time I’m waiting to hear from agents, I’ve got time to spend on other things. That means getting back to books and blogging!  It also means that sometime this year I may actually get my bathroom remodeled.  The hubs has most of the drywall up and soon it will be time for me to finish the walls and put up tile.  I’m anxious about it, but really, I’ll just be glad to get it done.

Hope you all have been great while I’ve been away!



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