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I have to admit that I’m still a little frustrated by this “new” Word Press editor style. It’s taking me far too long to get a post written. Hopefully this gets easier! I suppose I’m going to have to start doing some You Tube research! I’m not happy that it seems that I can’t keep the same styles and designs that I previously had. Chalk me up as someone who hates change!

It’s nearly the end of January! I have to say that I can hardly believe that. It’s been very cold, then very warm here – sometimes all in the course of 24 hours. Our weather is always crazy like that! Looking at the forecast, it’s possible that we get no snow this year. Most locals would love that, but I hail from a bit further north, and well, I like a good snow storm!

I survived my birthday. The hubs took me out for a nice evening of BBQ and Beer at a local brewery. I’m the kind of girl who thought that was the perfect way to spend a birthday.

I’ve been a busy little bee planning my upcoming trips. Both Vegas and the cruise seem so far away, but I know those three months will fly by and soon enough it will all be over. I’m a big planner and I’ve been in the black hole of packing lists, custom Google Maps, and figuring out how to see everything in a matter of days – or even hours!

So….reading…. let’s get to the point here! I’ve got a huge backlog from last year that I’m trying to chink away at. I’m actually reading more than one book at a time! This is HUGE for me. I never read multiple books!

I have several that I’m looking forward to, including the recently acquired Southern Side of Paradise by Kristy Woodson Harvey. This is the third book in the Peachtree Bluff series and I’m honored to have a review copy. I adored, ADORED! the first two novels and I can’t wait to get into the newest title.

I feel like I’ve spent that last six months of my life figuring out how to get back on track when life slows down a bit. I’ve finally reached the point where I am able. Less talking about getting back to blogging and reading and more ACTUAL blogging and reading are my goals!

Hope you have a productive week!


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One thought on “A Little Less Conversation….

  • Patty Magyar

    Eventually you will find your blogging rhythm again…and your reading rhythm, too. It’s always fun packing and planning. I always write down outfits, too, and try to pack efficiently. I read somewhere that you should never take more than three pairs of shoes…counting the one you wear on the plane!