Review Policy


Review Policy:

If you have written a book or represent an author, and you’d like me to read and review it then please contact me! Send me a blurb, link to your book, or your author bio – anything that helps me check out your work.

What books do you read?

I read mostly crime/thriller/mystery type novels.  I also read a lot of historical fiction and enjoy women’s fiction.  I will accept a non-fiction title that really grabs my attention, but I prefer fiction.

I do NOT accept review requests for erotica, romance, science fiction, horror or children’s categories.  Do not send me your version of Fifty Shades of Grey, vampires or time traveling werewolves – please send these to someone who will love them.

What format do you prefer?

I accept books to review as Kindle e-reader files or a hard copy is also fine, please message me for my mailing address.

How will you promote my book?

I post bits and blurbs about what I’m reading on my blog all the time!  I also post  reviews on Good Reads and Amazon. If I get your book through Net Galley then I will review it on that platform.  Some reviews are submitted for publication in The Free Lance-Star newspaper in Fredericksburg, VA.  Visit here to see my past published reviews. Please note I cannot guarantee any book review will appear in the paper – that call belongs to the Books Editor.

I will participate in your blog tour!  I’m pretty select about these and must have read your book before I will commit to a date on your tour.  Based on a blurb, I will tentatively agree to your tour pending actually reading your work.   Please be kind and allow ample time for me to read your book before your tour or publication date.

We can do a feature or interview post!  I must have read your work before agreeing to an interview or feature post.

Sponsored giveaways are always welcome if I’ve read your book! Email me details and I can host a giveaway for you.

How can I send you my book?

Easy!  Drop me an email at to submit your review request!

PLEASE NOTE: I am working hard to get caught up from the 2018 backlog.  While I am taking requests for 2019, I am trying to be more cautious and selective.  If you think your book is a good fit for me – please send me an email.  I look forward to hearing from you!