About The Sassy Cats



Grace is the eldest Sassy Cat.  We found Grace on Petfinder  when we were looking to adopt a new kitten. Grace was only seven weeks old when we brought her home and was incredibly tiny!  She is a shy soul but she is very sweet. Grace enjoys napping in a quiet space that is out of the hustle and bustle. What I love most about Grace is her adorable purr – she sounds like a little lioness when she’s happy.




Lexie is a Tonkinese cat.  She is a beautiful girl and she knows it!  Lexie is our princess and wants everything in the house done to her liking. She is very social and has a big personality.  She loves to sit on my shoulders which is a trait of Tonkinese cats.  Lexie and Simon are very close, they are two peas in a pod, and they are less than a year apart in age.  Lexie loves napping in her favorite sunny window, snuggling under the blankets and her favorite snack is cheese.  Lexie can be chatty and loves to tell you what she thinks about everything.


Simon is a Tonkinese cat, like Lexie.  Simon is just adorable and such a goofy guy.  We think his crossed eyes add to his charm.  Simon is extremely outgoing and friendly and he loves everybody and everything.  He  greets anyone that comes to the house and is very curious. He enjoys walks outside in his stroller and time out on the deck. He will share just about anything you are eating.  Simon is our talker!  He always has something to say and finds a way to add his two cents to every conversation.  He is very affectionate and is most comfortable in his dad’s lap or snuggled up with Lexie.


Makari is a Russian Siberian and is my pride and joy. We call him Mak for short, and foofie for obvious reasons!  He is laid back, easy going and has loads of personality. Makari is definitely his momma’s boy – he comes running to greet me whenever I return home and loves for me to hold him.  I call Makari my Mary Poppins cat – he’s perfect in every way. I love his fluffy coat and long, full tail but it requires a bit of work to keep him looking fabulous.  Makari has the little quirk of sticking his tongue out when he’s happy and it just adds to his already enormous level of cuteness. Mak has the ability to be comfortable and fall asleep just about anywhere. He loves to eat and enjoys yogurt.  My favorite thing about Makari is the tiny freckle on his nose.