About Lisa

Thanks for checking out Sassy Cat Chat!  I’m Lisa and what you’ll find here on the blog is book reviews and posts about what’s going on around me.  I hope you’ll follow along with the blog and we can get to know each other.    I spend most of my social media time on Twitter and Facebook and you can follow me there to keep up with things outside of the blogging world.

Obviously, I LOVE to read! Whatever book I’ve got in my hands at the moment is a big part of Sassy Cat Chat.  Reading and working as a freelance book reviewer is a hobby and I  consider myself lucky to have the time that allows me to do it.

I grew up in Northern Virginia but now live in Virginia Beach with my hubby and our four felines kids. When I’m not reading I like to spend time out in the garden and flowerbeds. I love to sit out on the beach or just soaking up some sun in my own back yard. Once in awhile I’ll still make occasional scrapbook endeavor.  I have worked as a floral designer and was a professional photographer.

I am the Editor and Chief here at Sassy Cat Chat but please hop on over to meet my Board of Directors.

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