Good Day Sunshine 3

What’s going on… It’s MONDAY and it’s been a really good day so far.  At least for me, for hubby not so much!  He’s traveling this week and from all the crappy weather yesterday he had a rough time.  He spent the night at the Charlotte airport which pretty much […]

Write This Down

What’s going on… Words.  My life is filled with words.  Reading them, and now, writing them!  Yep, I’m making it official by announcing here on the blog that I’m writing a book.  Well, at least attempting to.  Who knows, it could all be crap. But I’ve actually had someone alpha […]

Spring Is Here… 7

What’s going on… Happy April!  It’s spring break – it’s SPRING!  Spring is my favorite season.  I know there are a lot autumn lovers out there and I too like the refreshing cool temps after a long, hot summer.  BUT…spring is my favorite time of year.  We are finally freed […]